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15 February 2012

General Satellite Corporation at CSTB-2012 Exhibition

General Satellite Corporation announced launching the first Russias manufacture of microprocessors with topology of 45 nm in May of 2012 and revealed its plans to become a leader in manufacturing digital terrestrial TV set-top boxes, at the CSTB-2012 Exhibition forum.

Within the framework of the Federal Target Program of Digital Switchover of Russia, the General Satellite Corporation performs innovative development of the field of system solutions for digital television, from software and motherboard manufacturing to digital content and networking.

Developed as an optimum solution for the Federal Target Program, the digital terrestrial set-top boxes GS TE 8714 and GS TE 8511 have the same functional features as their more expensive foreign counterparts. Even today, on theК premises of Technopolis Gusev investment project implemented by the Corporation from 2008, the Eastern Europes largest radio-electronics manufacturing cluster operates in Kaliningrad region. In 2012 the General Satellite Corporation plans to increase volumes of the digital terrestrial set-top boxes manufacture there, to the amounts sufficientК to take leading positions in Russia.

"Realization of the Federal Target Program is to represent challenge for the instrumentation industry, while setting up the CSTB manufacture in Russias regions may become a launching pad for broad international exports and overcoming other successful globalК manufacturers, such as China", said Pavel Chumakov, Director for Innovations of the General Satellite Corporation, when addressing the plenary meeting of CSTB-2012 Exhibition.

The nucleus of this Russian world-level innovation pole will be the microelectronics Research and Production Center "GS-Nanotech". The Russias first production line for mocroprocessors with topology of 45 nm will be launched there in May of 2012. This was announced by the General Satellite Corporation during the CSTB-2012 International Exhibition.

Besides the digital terrestrial receivers , the General Satellite Corporation has presentedК the new set-top boxes GS 8304 and GS 8306 designed for watching the channels of the Russias largest satellite TV operator, Tricolor TV.

The exhibition visitors have paid a special attention to the GS 9303 set- topК box for receiving high-definition TV signal (HDTV), which was launched into serial manufacture in January of 2012.