Leading microelectronics manufacturing, packaging and testing companies

Company profile

GS Nanotech is one of the leading microelectronics manufacturing, packaging and testing companies. It is a private high-tech and part of Russia’s only private innovative cluster, Technopolis GS.

GS Nanotech is the only Russian company to develop and mass-produce proprietary microprocessors for consumer electronics, including system-in-package, SiP.

The company has large manufacturing facilities.

GS Nanotech services

  • Advanced tools to design integrated circuits and systems-in-package;
  • Preparation of silicon wafers of up to 300 mm diameter in the cutting and thinning process;
  • Assembly of microchips into BGA, LGA packages;
  • Splicing and assembly of chips in metal-to-ceramic cases;
  • Assembly of Chip-On-Board, LED;
  • Assembly technology - Wire Bond, Flip-Chip, Stack Die, SiP, 3D;
  • Automatic functional testing under JEDEC standards.


  • Processors for processing digital TV signals;
  • Systems-in-package for consumer electronics;
  • SSD-drives for the corporate segment.


  • Collaboration with leading universities and research centers;
  • Analysis of new semiconductor materials;
  • Design of multichip modules and systems-in-package;
  • Breakthrough solutions in the field of packaging.

The partners and clients of GS Nanotech include the world’s leading manufacturers of semiconductor wafers, and silicon chips, developers of integrated circuits and microelectronics manufacturers.

Highly-skilled professionals, advanced equipment, high quality control standards and smart logistics are the main advantages of GS Nanotech.

Our mission is to provide reliable and high-quality services in the development and manufacture of microelectronics, and to find the best solutions for our clients.

GS Nanotech is a member of Technopolis GS – a unique private innovation cluster, located in the free economic zone of the Kaliningrad region.

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015