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Systems-in-package (SiP)

System-in-package technology is a combination of several active and passive elements with different functions in one module. Thus, a single device assembled under SiP technology solves several problems that were previously solved by a whole system.

Apart from the integration of several functions, systems-in-package have other advantages:
  • high performance;
  • better security;
  • miniature module;
  • low cost.

GS Nanotech is the only Russian company to develop and mass-produce proprietary microprocessors under system-in-package technology: SiP Amber S2 and SiP Emerald N2M.

SiP Amber S2 and SiP Emerald N2M are microchips, which are a central part of modern digital TV set-top boxes under the General Satellite brand, supporting HDTV and with enhanced protection of the satellite signal. The purpose of these devices is to convert the satellite signal, process and prepare it for output to consumer devices – set-top boxes, tablets, Smart TV, and IP-television systems.

SiP Amber S2 and SiP Emerald N2M include:
  • high-performance CPU, responsible for signal integrated processing, its conversion into standard video streams, and working with peripheral devices – external memory (USB, HDD, memory sticks) and wireless modules;
  • integrated coprocessor, which enables operation of a conditional subscriber access system;
  • RAM, which serves as temporary storage of processor and coprocessor data;
  • Flash-drive, designed for permanent storage of service information and firmware.