Leading microelectronics manufacturing, packaging and testing companies


Benefits of working at GS Nanotech:

Internships and training in the world’s leading companies operating in the field of microelectronics production

Experience of working on the most advanced microelectronics production in Russia

Opportunity to master advanced multichip IC packaging and testing technologies

Working in Technopolis GS:

  • Large-scale and exciting projects.
  • 2,000 jobs: management and engineers, as well as scientific and technical specialists.
  • Career opportunities both for production specialists and service sector specialists.
  • Professional and creative development.
  • Working as a team with highly-trained and skilled professionals.
  • Participating in development and promotion of the Russian innovative technologies.

To apply for a job with us, please visit us:

11 Industrialnaya str., Gusev, Kaliningrad region, 238050

+7 (40143) 3-68-01
+7 (40143) 3-68-00