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20 February 2018

GS Group has launched mass production of the first Russian SSDs

GS Group has announced the start of mass production of the first solid state drives of its own design. The complete production cycle is to be carried out at the innovation cluster Technopolis GS (the GS Group Investment Project in Gusev, Kaliningrad oblast), where output capacity can reach more than one million devices a year. By the end of 2018 GS Group will have brought to market a line of solid-state disks with a capacity of 1 TB for various uses.

Since 2016 GS Group has been working on the first project of elaboration and mass production of solid-state drives in Russia for their clients and the corporate market – non mechanical data storage devices based on memory chips with process controllers. The first mass-produced SSDs with a capacity of 256 GB in a 2.5" form factor were released in 2017. The devices use a SATA 3.0 interface with a maximum data transfer speed of up to 6 Gbit/s, ensuring a maximum sequential read of up to 550 Mb/s and sequential write of up to 450 Mb/s. This device is in every way the equal of its foreign competitors. Customisation to individual client requirements has been allowed for, whether for hardware or software.

The entire production cycle — design and development of the device, installation of components on the board, encapsulation of the memory modules, final assembly and packaging for the product — is carried out at the facilities of the innovation cluster Technopolis GS. Localisation of the complete development and production cycle in Russia guarantees maximum data security.

By the end of 2018 GS Group will have brought to the market devices with a capacity of up to 1TB for various applications: work stations, servers, data storage and other complex multilevel systems which demand the storage of large volumes of data and high performance at the same time. At the heart of the device is a memory modules manufactured at Technopolis GS, comprised of the latest generation 3D NAND crystal memory from the world's leading manufacturers. Here at GS Nanotech we are launching a production technique for ultra-dense packing of the crystals, which will enable us to provide specific memory capacity for microcircuits for the first time.

«Today a clear trend can be seen on the Russian market: striving for maximum security of data storage, domestic companies are transferring corporate data to Russian data-centres and are creating their own data repositories. The demand for locally made solid-state storage is growing so the first Russian project to create an SSD, which we are working on now, has great potential for the future». – Evgeni Maslennikov, General Director, GS Nanotech.

IDC predictions indicate that worldwide the demand for solid-state drives will grow every year by 14.8% in value (15.1% in units), reaching a volume of USD 33.6 bn by 2021. Experts point out the transfer to 3D NAND technology as a key driver of this.