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3 September 2015

GS Group presents a new HD set-top box at affordable price

The GS Group investment and industry holding company has released a new digital HDTV compliant set-top box under the General Satellite brand – GS B212. This mid-price model will allow expanding the coverage of HDTV viewing in Russia.

The GS B212 digital HD set-top box is the latest in the range of mid-price devices that includes the GS U510 STB released in 2013, already popular with viewers. This new receiver will let fully enjoying all the benefits of HDTV thanks to its more powerful tuner that provides proper satellite signal reception in all weathers, and high-speed operation. The set-top box has integrated TV services including an electronic program guide (EPG), subtitles and teletext, which simplify TV viewing. Herewith, the device is priced much lower than manufacturer’s flagship models, ensuring the high demand for the GS B212 in the mid-price segment of the Russian set-top box market.

At the heart of the new GS B212 – a multichip microprocessor designed and developed by the GS Group holding company – the GS Nanotech SiP Amber S2. This microchip, developed under System-in-Package (SiP) technology, combines a central processor with a GS Lanthanum integrated co-processor and RAM module in one case. Such a system boasts a compact size and allows improving processing speed and data security. The digital device is equipped with USB, HDMI and RCA connectors to make watching TV and multimedia content even easier. It is also possible to connect a remote IR sensor to control the set-top box if it is nowhere close to the TV or even completely out of sight.

The GS B212 is supplied together with a conditional access module for satellite television, a prepaid subscription and a remote IR sensor. The set-top box is only available for new subscriptions and is not included in the trade-in program operated by GS Group jointly with the digital television operator Tricolor TV.

“For more than two decades GS Group has been developing and producing equipment with due consideration of the needs of Russian users. In today’s economic environment, we strive to offer high-quality affordable digital devices to the market. Our new set-top box in the mid-price segment, the GS B212, is fully equipped to display HD television. This will help us engaging even more viewers to the HDTV experience”, comments Director for Strategic Marketing of GS Group Andrew Bezrukov.

High-definition television is one of the most sought-after technologies among today’s TV audience. HDTV provides a five-fold increase in image detail compared to SD television, and has a progressive scan, which gives clear and realistic images even on large screens. To date, Russian digital television operators have launched around 60 HD channels. The GS Group investment and industry holding company is Russia’s only manufacturer of HDTV compliant digital TV set-top boxes.