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27 September 2021

GS Nanotech Entered into the Register of Russian Microelectronics Design Centres

The GS Nanotech centre for the development and manufacture of electronics has been included on the register of Russian designers and developers of an electronic component base and radio electronic products.

Inclusion on the register gives GS Nanotech the opportunity to take advantage of a range of measures drawn up by the Russian government to support the domestic IT industry, which cover several areas: tax benefits for companies involved in the design and development of an electronic component base and its constituent parts, and demand stimulation and introduction of innovations through a system of grants, help to start-ups, development of state-private partnerships, and expansion of the personnel base.

“The decision on entry into the register was based on the projects already delivered for developing domestic packaged microcircuits for various purposes, solid-state drives, and other products launched using our own manufacturing capabilities, as well as current projects to develop an ECB for smart electricity meters,” declared CEO of GS Nanotech, Oleg Kim. “The preferences extended to us by the Government as a domestic microelectronics and radio electronics design centre will enable us to increase our competitiveness on the Russian and global markets, will facilitate investments in new developments and expand our product range. We are striving for the maximum possible electronic component base localisation, because we are convinced: Russia needs independence from imported components. Government support measures will help us to continue developing projects in this area.”

Among the priority areas of activity for GS Nanotech are services in developing and contract manufacturing of packaged microcircuits, mass production of the first domestic solid-state drives (SSDs), and production of an ECB for smart electricity meters and other electronics. The enterprise is the only developer and producer in Russia meeting the mass demand for its own SiP microprocessors: the SiP Amber S2 and SiP Emerald N2M.