Leading microelectronics manufacturing, packaging and testing companies
31 March 2014

GS Nanotech takes part in “New Electronics” exhibition

Contract manufacturing opportunities of companies that make up Technopolis GS innovation cluster were presented March 27 in Moscow at New Electronics, the largest exhibition devoted to electronics design and manufacturing in Russia. Modern services offered to customers of the R&D and microelectronics production center GS Nanotech, which is also a part of the cluster, aroused great interest and were highly appreciated by the participants of the exhibition.

The key enterprises of Technopolis GS innovation cluster, being developed in the Kaliningrad region by GS Group holding, were presented at the exhibition. The facilities within the cluster offer customers a full range of services in manufacturing electronic products.

GS Nanotech develops, tests and packages semiconductor products. It is one of the leading enterprises of this specialization in Eastern Europe. Production capacity GS Nanotech is up to 17 million pieces per year. Sergey Belyakov, Senior Marketing Consultant, GS Nanotech, presented during the exhibition a wide range of high-tech products and popular services offered to customers of the plant.

“We provide design and production of integrated circuits and multi-chip units using advanced package technologies such as Flip Chip and System in Package, as well as launch their mass production, using the crystals by world’s top manufacturers”, said Sergey Belyakov. “We perform Wire Bonding (gold or copper wire), tests of memory modules, single-chip and multichip digital, analog and hybrid microprocessors in different types of packages”.

“New Electronics” is a leading Russian exhibition of electronic components and modules. Over the three days of its work it attracted over 8,000 specialists in energy, instrumentation, telecommunications, aerospace and shipbuilding industries, transport, urban economy and other industries.