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15 December 2014

GS Nanotech to produce the first half a million SiP Amber S2 microcircuits by the end of the year

This year the GS Nanotech enterprise, a part of the innovation cluster Technopolis GS, Kaliningrad region, was the first in Russia to launch commercial microprocessor under SiP technology (System-in-Package) mass production. The new GS Nanotech SiP Amber S2 microcircuit was fully developed by the GS Nanotech R&D Department. The enterprise itself is the country’s largest microelectronic product development and manufacturing center and the only back-end facility that provides multi-chip design and packaging using SiP technology on a contract basis.

Today quite a few consumer electronic devices such as digital cameras, cell phones and MP3-players are powered by the commonly used multi-chip microprocessors. The GS Nanotech enterprise was the first in Russia to develop SiP technology using in-house technological processes for the consumer market and produce large amount of such chips for commercial purposes. This is a significant step in the development of the domestic consumer electronics industry.

Microcircuit designed under SiP technology is a combination of several active electronic components with different functions in one module which allows producing a highly integrated product that is required for a particular device and is most often tailor-made. The GS Nanotech SiP Amber S2 comprises central processor ST H206 with integrated cryptoprocessor GS Lanthanum, SDRAM DDR3 and NOR Flash. The finished design boasts a compact size, high data security, a significantly better performance and a low cost, which is crucial for modern electronics manufacturers. These characteristics have determined a wide scope of microprocessor GS Nanotech SiP Amber S2 possible fields of application in telecommunications, security systems, medicine and others.

Today, the GS Nanotech SiP Amber S2 microcircuit is the core of modern satellite receivers manufactured by GS Group under the General Satellite brand designed to receive HD channels amongst others. Mass production of a new line of subscriber devices powered by the GS Nanotech SiP Amber S2 was launched in November 2014. GS Nanotech expects to produce 500 thousand chips of this type by the end of 2014; production growth up to 2 million chips is expected by the end of 2015.

The project to develop microcircuits under SiP technology was rolled out at the GS Nanotech enterprise in September 2013. Validation of the first prototype was successfully held in January 2014. Spring was marked by the validation of the second prototype, and the start of the GS Nanotech SiP Amber S2 mass production was declared in August. In a year’s time since the start of the project the first batch of microcircuits was delivered to the customer in September 2014.