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18 September 2012

New Technopolis Gusev's Unique Manufacturing was highly appraised by ROSNANO's Anatoly Chubais

A Centre for the production of carbon nanostructured materials (CNM) will be inaugurated in ecember 2011 at the Prankor Ltd that operates since 2009 in the Technopolis Gusev framework. Their application scope is manifold: the paint and metal plating and field emitters for cathode fluorescent tubes, and additives in a variety of building materials.

Special interest of the Forum participants was aroused by the announcement regarding the GS NANOTECH entre for Microelectronics Development, Research and Production which is under construction since May 2011. The fifth Technopolis plant will do multi-chip assembly and testing of microprocessors with a topology of up to 45 nm in PBGA and PQFN packages, and there will be operating the Center for nanotechnology products research and application of the research results in new types of electronic components.

"The Kaliningrad region has a strong potential for development of high-tech sector, a serious scientific base is formed, the conditions for the commercialization of nanotechnology development are created, "Nikolai Tsukanov the Kaliningrad oblast Governior said, while speaking at the plenary session. Confirming the words, the Head of the Region told the Forum about succes of the Technopolis Gusev Area of Scintific and Technological Development Project in the Kaliningrad region.

The plenary session was attended by Dmitry Medvedev, the President of RF, Sergey Ivanov, the Deputy Prime Minister of RF, Anatoly Chubais, the Chairman of the RUSNANO Board, Viktor Vekselberg, the Skolkovo President, Edward Crowly (USA), the President and Founder of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (USA), Eric Drexler, a famous scintist nanotechnology popularizer.

At the end of the forum, the Governor Nikolai Tsukanov presented to Chibais, the Chairman of the RUSNANO Board, the Kaliningrad Region Exhibition Hall, where the Region presented thr Technopolis Gusev Project. Chubais highly appreciated the results achieved by the General Satellite Cprporation, Russias largest developer and manufacturer of television receiving equipment. He asked questions on the costs details, the demand for Technopolis enterprises production, the opportunities for implementing scientific innovation projects and their launch timing.

The RUSNANO President is "well aware of the innovation in the Region, but was surprised by how much the Technopolis Gusev moved forward," - Nikolai Tsukanov said.