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23 May 2011

The foundation stone of the Centre for R&D and Production of Microelectronics "GS-Nanotech" is laid

The foundation stone laying ceremony of the Centre for the Development and Production of Microelectronics "GS-Nanotech" took place in the town of Gousev, Kaliningrad region, on May 23, 2011, at “The Area of Scientific and Technological Development - Technopolis Gousev”.

The Governor of Kaliningrad region Mr N. Tsukanov, head of the district administration Mr G.M. Sylenko, the President of the General Satellite Corporation Mr A.G. Tkachenko and the CEO of GS-Nanotech Mr A.K. Malinin were present.

GS-Nanotech is the fifth production facility at the Gousev Technopark. The facility, which foundation stone were symbolically laid on May 23, 2011, will start production in the first quarter of 2012. More than 12 billion Russian Rubles is to be invested in all enterprises at the Technopolis up to 2015.

The Centre for the Development and Production of Microelectronics "GS-Nanotech" is to become the "technological core" of the "Technopolis Gousev", which has been operating in the region for three years now. The Governor observed: "It became a tradition to lay a stone for a new facility in Gousev district every year. I believe we will soon extend the tradition to the whole region."

The project provides for two economically and technologically interconnected structural units:

  • Unit 1 - 45nm multichip microprocessor PBGA and PQFN packaging facility (Packaging)
  • Unit 2 - Centre for the research and application of nanotechnology in new electronic components (Engineering and Research Centre)

The new production facility will allow for packaging and testing of memory nodules, such as flash-memory, static RAM and dynamic RAM, microprocessors (single- and multichip) and other electronic components (integrated microcircuits) in PBGA and PQFN packaging.


  • Packaging: 10 mln units per years
  • Packaging parts and printed boards: 200 000 sq. m per year

The production facility will bring cutting edge technologies to the Russian Federation, allow training of specialists, forming of a new focus of innovative development of Russia and attract Russian and foreign investments in high-tech in Russia.

In his speech Mr Tsukanov, region Governor, pointed out that "development of the new industrial cluster - electronics, innovations, IT-technologies will help the region to reach a whole new level of development. All prerequisites have been met."

Educational and research center for microelectronics has the support of the leading Russian universities, which have a lot of experience in training specialists for science-consuming industries as well as in dealing with innovation enterprises, so that Technopolis residents will be able to train and retrain their core staff.

100-200 graduates annually