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31 July 2013

GS Group releases brand new set-top box GS U510

GS Group, international multi-industry holding has released the new model of digital set-top box under General Satellite brand for the use in satellite TV networks worldwide. Receiver GS U510 is the first mass product in consumer electronics produced ​​on the basis of Russian microprocessor.

The new operating system and microelectronics allowed to meet the requirements of the most demanding consumers. These factors also provided the opportunity to introduce additional services for digital TV operators. The new set-top box allows organizing lists of channels depending on the user’s preferences as well as working with different categories where the channels fall. This simplifies navigation, which is vital today due to rapid development of operator packages: the number of channels available to viewers today amounts to hundreds. The set-top box compatibility with High Definition TV has also been improved. The possibility to scale the image formed by the set-top box has been added. It provides guaranteed quality of images transmitted in different channels and in different sizes. Multi-channel digital sound of highest quality is now available to users.

GS U510 was designed and produced according to worldwide market demands in compliance with world standards. The new set-top box model is to be used in broadcasting projects of GS Group. Reasonable and user-friendly graphic interface is similar to that in smartphones. It is clear and easy for any user, regardless of age and technical skills. In addition, the new TV receiver has a set of simple but fun and colorful games, a collection of animated screensavers. GS Group long-term partner Russia’s largest satellite TV operator Tricolor TV got interested in the model having appreciated consumer performance of the new equipment. "Functions and options of the latest set-top box by GS Group make it different from the previous models in a similar way to how a smartphone phone differs from a phone", - Vyacheslav Kuklov, Tricolor TV Deputy Technical Director commented.

GS U510 is a breakthrough in the development of Russian electronics. The core of GS U510 is a microprocessor produced in Russia, designed and manufactured by GS Nanotech, micro- and nanoelectronics research and production center within GS Group holding company. "We have been developing this microprocessor for two years. GS Group fully controls the process of crystals development, laboratories being located in Russia and abroad. Encapsulation takes place at GS Nanotech plant within the unique area of Technopolis GS”, - said GS Nanotech CTO Evgeny Maslennikov. - This production is unique both in terms of technology implemented and the level of experts. Especially I would like to emphasize that 2% of the world’s volume of digital set-top boxes are produced in Technopolis GS”.

Besides, GS U510 set-top box solves a broadcasting piracy problem which is key for pay-TV operators. “A new cryptographic coprocessor provides operator with an effective anti-piracy complex at a level of world analogues”, - commented Vyacheslav Kuklov, Tricolor TV Deputy Technical Director. As soon as the attempt to illegally access the content is tracked a set of technical decisions installed within set-top box will quickly cease breaking and “disarm” the “pirates”.

Tricolor TV has been using General Satellite brand equipment for many years. All digital set-top boxes have been operating with Control System Middleware for Operator Functioning (CSMW) since the very first one. CSMW developed by GS Group is successfully applied in a number of broadcasting projects around the world. “GS U510 is a unique example, proving that modern Russian companies are able to produce competitive high-tech electronic equipment in compliance with the world's standards,” Andrey Bezrukov, Head of Marketing Department, GS Group, concluded.