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23 November 2012

Technopolis GS starts a program of career guidance excursions for school students of Kaliningrad region

On November 22 Technopolis GS in Kaliningrad region starts a program of career guidance excursions for school students. The project aims at 9th and 11th year pupils, as well as the students of colleges and specialized high schools of the region.

This is the first excursion project of such kind launched by the General Satellite Corporation. By being the general investor and initiator of the project of the private innovation cluster Technopolis GS, the Corporation implements a complex program of activities dedicated to career guidance of the younger generation. The General Satellite’s initiative is to help the youth of Kaliningrad region in orienting when choosing their future specialization. The project objective is, firstly, to raise the prestige of technical professions: they are highly demanded by the market today and this trend will only get firmer in future, especially in Kaliningrad region because of its quick development rate of hi-tech industries. Secondly, the project aims at forming the potential HR reserve of Technopolis.

Excursions to all the five advanced plants of Technopolis GS will be provided for students of school senior classes, specialized high schools and colleges. They will be invited to the Digital Television Systems plant specializing in surface mounting of motherboards and electronic equipment assembly; to Prankor factory producing TV antennas and cases; to the package production of the First Cardboard Factory; to Belyi Klyuch plant producing cottages with volumetric-modular technology and to the GS-Nanotech research and center of micro and nano-electronics. The HR department specialists will make the career guidance presentations for the rising generation, which will also help youngsters to be more precise and confident when selecting their future education and profession. Employees of specialized departments of the plants will also tell their potential colleagues about production working features and answer their questions.